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Course 3 - Chevra Kadisha: Education, Organizing and Training

Outline for Course 3 - Chevra Kadisha: Education, Organizing and Training

I.    Introduction

A. What is Chevra Kadisha Education, Organizing and Training?

B. Overview of Designing an Educational Program

1. For the Entire Community (Jews and non-Jews)

2. For the Larger Jewish Community

3. For the Synagogue Community

4. For the Chevra Kadisha

5. For the Chevra leadership

II.   Identifying Source Content Material

A. Where does the content come from?

B. Identifying Source Leadership and Organizer Material

III. Lesson Plan Practicum

A. Identifying Potential Topics

B. Class Presentations

IV.Motivation - Stimulating Interest in the work of the Chevra Kadisha

A. Passionate Organizing

B. Understanding Motivations

C. Understanding Blocks to Moving Ahead

V.  Communal and Chevra Kadisha Education

A. Educational Theoretical Framework

B. Educational Content approaches

C. Educational Delivery Methods

D. Additional Considerations

E. Continuing Education Opportunities

VI.Core Knowledge about the continuum of life

A.     Pre-death

B.     At Death

C.     After Death

VII.         Organizing a Chevra Kadisha

A. Recruiting

B. Training

C. Task assignments

D. Continuing Education

E. Leadership identification

VIII.       Training the Chevra Kadisha

A. Organizational Chart - Bottom up learning

B. Chevra First Responder

C. Tahara team leaders

D. Tahara team coordinators

E. Chevra Kadisha Members

F. Readers

G. Funeral Home liaison

IX.Training Chevra Kadisha Leaders

A. Organizing

B. Maintaining interest

C. Debriefing

D. Problem Solving

X.  Community Education

A. Teaching Adults

B. Education of Children and their teachers

XI.Funeral Home

A. Funeral homes

B. Jewish funeral home

C. "Non-Jewish" funeral home

D. Non-profit Jewish funeral homes

E. Synagogue Ownership

F. Community Ownership

H. Problems encountered

I. Associations

J. Issues

K. Regulation

XII.         Cemetery

A.     What is a cemetery?

B.     Evolution of Cemeteries

C.     History of cemeteries in North America

D.     Challenges

E.     Issues

F.     State Laws

G.     Synagogue Ownership

H.     U.S. Federal Tax Exempt Status for Cemeteries

XIII.       Facilities

A. Relationship Building with staff

B. Access to facilities

C. Facility layout

D. Building a Tahara room

E. Supplies

F. Fees

G. Contracting

H. Acquisition




Jewish Funeral Practices Committee of Greater Washington