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Burial and Cremation

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Other Religions and Decomposition

Does Jewish Law Permit Cremation? - Rabbi Isaac Klein - Conservative Responsa - 1976

Does Jewish Law Permit Cremation? - Rabbi David Golinkin - Commentary

Cremation in the Jewish Tradition - Rabbi Morris Shapiro - Conservative Responsa - 1986

Cremation in the Jewish Tradition - 1986 Short Summary by Rabbi Morris M. Shapiro; Edited by Rabbi Robert Binder

On Cremation. Harold M. Schulweis - Yizkor Passover April 24, 2003

Concerning cremation. One rabbi's perspective. Rabbi David Abramson - Conservative Judaism Magazine - Vol. 51, No. 1, Fall, 1998, pp. 32-45.

Forced to Permit Jewish Burial of Cremated Body, Kehillah Board Resigns Jewish Telegraphic Agency - 1929

Exploring Jewish Reasons for Ground Burial - An Alphabetic Acrostic - David Zinner

Cremation and Modern Jewish History - Alan Brill - 2011

Burial society stuggles with increased demand for cremation - Sue Fishkoff - 2009

The Great Cremation Debate - David Marchese - 2008 - Israel

What is the Difference Between Burial and Cremation - Aron Moss - 2007

Jewish Burial and Cremation - England

Data show that in 2007, there were 327 Jewish cremations, amounting to 11% of the total number of deaths recorded, or 43% of those funerals carried out under Reform or Liberal auspices (the percentages in 2006 were 10% and 40% respectively). By comparison, around 72% of all deaths in the UK generally in 2006 (the latest year for which data are available) were followed by cremation.

Is it Better to Bury or to Burn - A Biblical Perspective on Cremation and Christianity in Western Culture - Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary

Cremation Vs. Burial: Jewish & Christian Beliefs

Abraham, Lazarus and the Catholic Funeral

Christian Views on Cremation

Cremation is not Christian

Burial Versus Cremation In Jewish Tradition - Jack E. Shattuck - Orthodox Perspective

Why cremation is the antithesis of Judaism - Rabbi Avi Shafran (Orthodox)

Why does Jewish law forbid cremation? - Naftali Silberberg - Chabad

Cremation – Ask the Rabbi - Rabbi Raymond Apple

Burying the Last Taboo - New York Jewish Week

Response to Burying The Last Taboo - Rabbi Elachanon Zohn

"We are working with religious and lay leaders, funeral homes and cemeteries, as well as agencies that serve the elderly, and the community-at-large. We are also working to assist and ensure reasonable burial costs for those with real financial difficulties. It is my sincere hope and belief that the Jewish community is not ready to give up on this “last” mitzvah."

Cremation and Burial in the Bible

Extracts on Bahá'í Burial

Islamic View On Cremation

He Was Buried (Roman Catholic)

Why Cremation Is Unscriptural - Christian

Cremation - What Does God Think?

Cremation From The Jewish Standpoint - Reform - 1891

Burial of Ashes in a Mausoleum - Reform - December 1981

Scattering the Ashes of the Dead - Reform - April 1988

The Ashes of a Couple in a Single Urn - Reform - February 1990

A Tombstone for Scattered Ashes - Reform - December 1990

When A Parent Requests Cremation - Reform - 2005-06

Debatable: Is Cremation an Acceptable Practice for Reform Jews? - Reform Judaism - Spring 2009

Jewish Buiral of Cremated [Remains] - Rabbi Michael M. Remson - 1998

Public Health impact of Crematoria - British Columbia

Conclusions of Grinnell community residents studying mercury emissions from crematoria

Crematory Controversy - Stonebank, Wisconsin

Adverse pregnancy outcomes around incinerators and crematoriums

Crematory Emissions Data

Weep for the Grim Reaper - As cremation becomes more popular, funeral homes get burned

Cremation or Burial - Video

Dead Body Decomposition Model

Human Decomposition After Death

Decomposition Of Organic Matter

Bones, Bugs, & Batesville

Jewish Funeral Practices Committee of Greater Washington