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Jewish Death Practices:
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Origins and History
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Phases of Death Observance
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North American Chevra Kadisha and Jewish Cemetery Conferences

The Chevra Kadisha and Jewish Cemetery Conference is two and one half days of intense learning focused on the end of life continuum. From bikkur cholim, to tahara and shmira, funeral and burial and mourning, this conference allows every participant to immerse in the knowledge, resources, texts, and discussions vital to working in their own community.

If you are new to end of life work, this gathering will provide you education and inspiration, concrete resources and a network of experts. And did we mention networking?

If you are experienced, the conference gives you a wealth of options to learn in-depth, or branch out to new areas.

If you need emotional re-charging, get your batteries ready because you will be re-inspired, re-enthused, and re-energized by the amazing teachers and folks who attend this conference.

Don't miss the "live" tahara demo, halacha of intermarried burials, active listening, marketing traditional funerals and burials, infection control, history of the Chevra Kadisha, autopsy and medical examiners, non-profit funeral homes, transgender issues, cemetery consecration, Maavor Yabbok text study, healing, cemetery finances, bereavement photography, genealogy, cemetery regulators and much more. Plus lots of networking, discussing, strategizing, sharing and supporting.

We encourage every synagogue, Jewish cemetery, Chevra Kadisha, hospice and hospital to send a team to the conference. There's a lot to learn and to bring home.

All Kosher meals are provided. We try to keep hotel rates reasonable. Home hospitality is available upon request.

About the 2019 conference including registration.

Previous Conferences

2018 - Bethesda, MD

2017 - San Rafael, CA

2016 - Lexington, MA

2015 - Austin, TX

2014 - Miami Beach, FL

2013 - Philadelphia, PA

2012 - Los Angeles, CA

2011 - Chicago, IL

2010 - Atlanta, GA

2009 - Berkeley, CA 

2008 - Edison, NJ 

2007 - Edmonton, AB

2006 - Portland, OR

2005 - New York, NY

2004 - Las Vegas, NV

2003 - Rockville, MD






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