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Organ Donation

The Halachic Organ Donor Society

The most comprehensive source for information about traditional Jewish perspectives on organ donation. 

Halachic Organ Donor Society Articles

Over 300 articles from 1983-2002

Organ Transplant: Soon It May Be a Routine Part of the Jewish Death Ritual

When a traditional Jew dies, no one questions if there will be a ritual washing or a funeral. ...there soon may not be any question in the Orthodox community about the routine acceptance of organ transplant. It may become just another part of Jewish ritual at death.

All About Transplantation and Donation

Real People, Q&A, News, References

Sermon on Organ Donation "Don't Hang Up the Phone, It's Your Covenant Calling"

...for the majority of Jews in America, there is agreement that organ transplantation is permitted to some degree when the saving of a life is involved.

Organ Donation in Jewish Law - Summary of Discussion at Beth Israel, June 22, 1996

The discussion of the appropriateness of organ donation from the perspective of halacha is fascinating from two perspectives. First, it helps us to understand how the development of Jewish Law works in the Conservative Movement and secondly, and more importantly, it helps us confront a crucial subject in contemporary medicine.

Sacred Markets and Secular Ritual in the Organ Transplant Industry


The Mitzvah of Organ Donations

Conservative Responsa

The Ethics of Organ Donations

Rabbi Dr. Moses Tendler

Matan Chaim: the Gift of Life

URJ - Organ & Tissue Donation Share your life, share your decision

The Ultimate gift - Organ donations gain religious acceptance, but families, donor system face challenges

Modern medicine has made organ transplants a viable way of saving lives - and in the process, observers say, it has helped remove religious reservations about donating vital organs.

Hospital Conditions of Participation for Organ Donation

Requirements a hospital must meet that are designed to increase organ donation.

Understasnding Brain Death

Brain death is death

How to Become an Organ and Tissue Donor

Transplantations save lives.

The Past Life of My Cadaver

Medical Student Learns More Than Anatomy From Studying a

Jewish Funeral Practices Committee of Greater Washington