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Jewish Death Practices:
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Chesed Shel Emet - 3rd Edition

When the Tahara liturgy is recited the words are often said perfunctorily, if at all; sometimes in English, usually mumbled in Hebrew. We want to take the recitation to a higher level, to gain a deeper understanding of the workings of the ritual, and ultimately, to release the mysteries of taharah.

The liturgy gives us insight into Jewish theology as well as into how we care for the body of the met/metah. The liturgy is the response to subtle and often hidden questions. Our task is to decipher the underlying needs or questions and see how the prayer responds to those needs or questions.

We unpack the prayers by understanding how they work and how they function, rather than what they mean. We do this by applying the principles of liturgical analysis to help show the beauty of these words and actions.

Many tahara teams have requested that we make available the men's and women's liturgy along with the kavanot and the Hebrew, transliteration and English found in this revised 3rd edition.  

Also, to help follow the manual, we have created one page summaries, suitable for enlarging, laminating and posting in the Tahara room. Tahara Outline with references ties in the actions of the tahara team with the tahara liturgy and includes page number references from Chesed Shel Emet 3rd Edition. Tahara Outline without references has no page numbers and can be used with other tahara manuals.

$9.95 retail; 10% off for 15; 20% off for 25; 30% off for 50.

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