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Jewish Death Practices:
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Conference Review 1

Dear David:

I just wanted to thank you again for a fantastic KvN conference! From what I hear it was number ten in a long line of fantastic affairs and they keep getting better.

My hope was that I would learn more about where in Torah/tradition the tahara come and from where we got the steps in the process including the liturgy. Both hopes were met! (Dan and Stu's session was my favorite as it answered many, many questions for me.)

I could tell that you put in a huge effort to craft this conference into a great experience for the participants. While I appreciated your focus on punctuality, I know it wasn't easy for you :). The facility and setting were boh perfect. Thank you again for doing this for all of us... "We are all responsible for the other" as the say ! I hope I'll see you next year, if not before.

My best,

Rebecca Kalman-Winston

Jewish Funeral Practices Committee of Greater Washington