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Jewish Death Practices:
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End of Life - Exploring Death in America - NPR


Biology of Suicide

April 29, 1998


Who Will Remember Me?

April 2, 1998


Alternative Funerals

March 10, 1998


Burial Society

March 8, 1998

Chevra Kadisha performs ritual purification.

Slow Code

February 11, 1998


The Funeral Business

February 3, 1998

The increasing consolidation of the funeral industry.

Death & Society

January 25, 1998


Reincarnation: Tibetan Buddhism

January 10, 1998


Doctors and Death

January 4, 1998


A Critique of the Rule of the Double Effect

December 11, 1997


Do it Yourself Funerals

December 8, 1997

A grieving father builds a box for his month-old baby's corpse, and plants it under a cypress tree in the yard.

Roundtable: Grief and Bereavement

November 25, 1997

How long after a loss should one "still be grieving?"

Coping with Death: A Personal Story

November 14, 1997


The Place of Palliative Medicine

November 7, 1997

For terminally ill patients, quality of life is often neglected for the sake of pushing the limit of medical technology.

Dying Well in Missoula

November 6, 1997

Changing a town's attitudes about death, grief, and the care of the dying.

The Story of Helen Payne (Part Two)

November 5, 1997


The Story of Helen Payne (Part One)

November 4, 1997


End of Life Issues

November 3, 1997


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