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Jewish Death Practices:
Overview / Summary
Origins and History
Visiting the Sick or Dying 

Phases of Death Observance
    Approaching the Time of Death
    Between Death and Burial
    Burial and Cremation 
    Mourning Practices

Spiritual Aspects
Funeral Homes
Funeral Contracts


Chevra Kadisha:
Articles about Chevra Kadisha

Tahara Manuals and Procedures
Tahara Training
Tahara Stories
Tahara Supplies Lists
Funeral Home Supplies


Organ Donation


Infection Control


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Learning & Resources:
Gamliel Institute

KNIT Resource Center
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    Catalog of Articles
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FAQ About Death and Dying
Modern Dilemmas
Guided Learning
Jewish Sources and  Responsa
Synagogue Brochures
Community Education

Tachrichim Suppliers

Threads of Tradition sews their own tachrichim. If you want to purchase commericially made tachrichim, see the list below.

Company Contact


Other Supplies

Jerusalem Shrouds
Benedikt Religious Articles
Israel Benedikt or Hershy Tannenbaum
22 Charles Lane
Spring Valley NY 10977
Fax: 845-425-0267

Premium linen shrouds $94
Linen shrouds $87

Standard linen shrouds $68
Cotton shrouds $22

Holy earth from Mt. Olives (per bag) - $ 2
Black yarmulkes (per gross) $29
Lady caps (per gross) $16
Kriah ribbon (per gross) - $40
7 day shiva candles (case of 20) plastic - $52
1 day candles (case of 48) - $25

Rose Solomon Company
Simon Reichman
Brooklyn Navy Yard Building 121
Brooklyn, NY 11205
100 years old

Muslin machine sewn - $20
Muslin braided/lace $35
Linen - hand sewn $70
large (54 pants)
XL, XX and 5X
special with booties

Israel dirt - 100 bags/box (bag) $2
Shiva candles -
Keriah neckties

Pall Covers

Bais Moed
Rabbi I. Shimon
1443 52nd St.
Brooklyn, NY 11219

Pure Linen (xs - xl) $60
Pure Linen Hand Sewn (xs - xl) $70
Muslin (xs - xl)  $20.50
Muslin Braided and Lace $33

Talits Acrylic 18"x72" $10.75
Skullcaps (kippot) Black or White (gross)  $28
Sand from Israel $ 1.90
Chapel Caps Black or White (gross) $16
Shirt and pants $  8.75
Kria Ribbon w/ button (gross) $30
Kria Ribbon w/o button (gross) $19
Kria Ribbon w/ 1¼ in button w/safety pin (gross) $38
Men's Pleated Fronts $ 6.75
Ladies Lace Fronts $ 6.75
Pall Covers  $210 + 2.20/letter

H.S. Eckles & Co., Ltd.
Lisa and Jackie
Ontario, Canada

Linen - C$ 198
Muslin - C$ 75

Yarzeit candles
Shiva candle - case of 12 - red or blue glass C$ 71

Abigal (only sell through funeral homes)
Jeff Gaines
92 Third Street
Brooklyn, NY 11231
(800) 442-3060, (718) 855-8600

Linen $99
Muslin $30

Shiva candle (each) $5.25
Keriah ribbons (each) $ .25

Jewish Funeral Practices Committee of Greater Washington