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Jewish Death Practices:
Overview / Summary
Origins and History
Visiting the Sick or Dying 

Phases of Death Observance
    Approaching the Time of Death
    Between Death and Burial
    Burial and Cremation 
    Mourning Practices

Spiritual Aspects
Funeral Homes
Funeral Contracts


Chevra Kadisha:
Articles about Chevra Kadisha

Tahara Manuals and Procedures
Tahara Training
Tahara Stories
Tahara Supplies Lists
Funeral Home Supplies


Organ Donation


Infection Control


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Learning & Resources:
Gamliel Institute

KNIT Resource Center
    Contacts for Answers
    Catalog of Articles
    Additional Links

FAQ About Death and Dying
Modern Dilemmas
Guided Learning
Jewish Sources and  Responsa
Synagogue Brochures
Community Education

Tahara Information

Tahara Manual of Practices

The most authoritative reference work available in English with Hebrew. Detailed instruction concerning how a Tahara  is performed and some of the reasons why these customs are observed. The Tahara Manual also covers issues related to Availus learned from HaGaon HaRav Moshe Feinstein.

Available for purchase singly or in bulk from Kavod v'Nichum

Tahara - First Person Accounts An amazing collection of stories detailing the process and exploring the emotions and spiritual elevation. Published in magazines, in newspapers and by individuals from across the United States and Canada.
Tahara Manuals Several samples in pdf format, including from an Orthodox shul, two Conservative synagogues, and a community-based Chevra Kadisha. Instructions and prayers
Tahara Certificates Samples from Chevra Kadisha in Chicago and Westchester

Taharah I: Memesis of Angels, Transformation of the Dead

Taharah II: In My Flesh I See God

Taharah III: The Hope of Israel

Taharah IV: Clothed in Righteousness

  From Jewish Myth, Magic, and Mysticism by Rabbi Geoffrey Dennis

Jewish Funeral Practices Committee of Greater Washington