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Jewish Death Practices:
Overview / Summary
Origins and History
Visiting the Sick or Dying 

Phases of Death Observance
    Approaching the Time of Death
    Between Death and Burial
    Burial and Cremation 
    Mourning Practices

Spiritual Aspects
Funeral Homes
Funeral Contracts


Chevra Kadisha:
Articles about Chevra Kadisha

Tahara Manuals and Procedures
Tahara Training
Tahara Stories
Tahara Supplies Lists
Funeral Home Supplies


Organ Donation


Infection Control


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Learning & Resources:
Gamliel Institute

KNIT Resource Center
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FAQ About Death and Dying
Modern Dilemmas
Guided Learning
Jewish Sources and  Responsa
Synagogue Brochures
Community Education

Washington Area


Washington Jewish Week article from May 9, 2002     Funeral Practices Committee awards contract to Hines-Rinaldi

Washington Jewish Week article - 2002     Honor and comfort D.C.-based group hopes to prevent cemetery misconduct

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Halachic Complications Of Not Finding The Body

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Local woman opens Jewish funeral home in D.C.
 Washington Jewish Week article from February 1, 1998     Funerals are Big Business - Local "Jewish" Homes No Longer Jewish-Owned
JFPCGW history     Outline Of Remarks On Jewish Funeral Practices - Weinstein - 1977
JFPCGW Resolution - 1985

Funeral Practices Presentation - Hausman - 1989

Resources and Writings from Members of the JFPCGW     

A Guide to Jewish Mourning Practices - Tikvat Israel

Sample Synagogue Brochure Adapted from Ohr Kodesh

 A Guide to Jewish Funeral Practices - Adas Israel
Guide to Jewish Funeral and Mourning Practices - Adat Shalom
Treasure Each Day - A Guide to Jewish Rituals of Death and Mourning - Columbia Jewish Congregation

Adat Shalom President's Message in the Scroll: Funeral Practices - February 1999
A Community Reasserts Religious Values In Funeral Ritual

Breathing New Life Into Jewish Funeral Practice

Other Important Resources for the Greater Washington area     History and Background of [the Washington Area Orthodox] Chevra Kadisha

Jewish Cemeteries in the Greater Washington area

Cemeteries Get Watchdog - Maryland's multi-million dollar cemetery industry is about to come under the watchful eye of state regulators.

Maryland Office of Cemetery Oversight

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